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Operating room photography is a specialized discipline that you want a specialized photographer to handle. Someone that uses clean equipment, knows the importance of wearing proper attire (scrubs, face mask, bouffant cap) and maintains overall health; someone that knows how to stay out of way of the doctor, nurses, technicians, and anesthesiologists, as well as someone who knows how to shoot items as they lay and not touch or move anything in the room. Of course, your photographer also needs to be comfortable being present during all types of surgical procedures.


When I photograph in the OR I take extra care to make sure I exceed all these standards to maintain a sterile working environment and ensure that you can continue to do your job efficiently.


Services are available to doctors and patients alike, pending approval from both parties.


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OR photography is a wonderful way for doctors to document their skills during surgery. Patients can also benefit from this service by being able to see what goes on during their very own procedure! Images will be licensed for your full use in all advertising mediums.


New client rates starting at $500.00 for up to five hours in the OR and includes 50 edited, high resolution images.

$50 per additional hour in the OR.

Rate available to anyone in the Inland Empire. Out of area? No problem! Contact me for rates in your specific area.


DOCTORS: Patient will be required to sign a release before their procedure, generated specifically for you, that they are comfortable with me photographing during the surgery. Don’t worry, most patients are happy to sign but you will want to get verbal approval before scheduling me to come in as my fees are non-refundable once I arrive at the surgery center. The best time to sign is the day of the procedure while they’re signing your other documents. I will need the signed and dated form (along with a witness signature/date) before I begin photographing.


PATIENTS: Your surgeon will need to approve my presence in the surgery center and you’ll need to discuss this with them beforehand. Once you get approval from your doctor I will need to call and verify the information. This step is extremely important as my fees are non-refundable once I get to the surgery center the day of your procedure.